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Every year, virtually all campsites across Europe are assessed as part of the major annual CMT trade fair in Stuttgart. In the German-speaking world, the two primary organisations responsible for this task are Camping.info, an online portal, and the ADAC automobile club with its Camping & motorhome guides. Our campsite was classified SUPERIOR 5 stars in 2021!

Insider tip from the ADAC

PiNCAMP is a reliable guide that structures the somewhat chaotic world of camping in Germany. It is now published in place of “ADAC Campingwelt”. This guide will help you with everything – from the moment you start planning your holiday to the moment you return home. PiNCAMP helps campers find the best possible campsite for their needs. For the guide, the ADAC inspects around 5500 campsites on an annual basis. Alongside descriptions of 9000 campsites and 8000 travel destinations, it includes 25,000 reviews from campers.

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Visit us on the camping.info platform. This lists 23,047 campsites in 44 European countries, and is one of the most popular camping guides in the German-speaking world. The platform is run by a team of keen campers who are passionate about keeping the camping.info platform up to date.

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