Terms and Conditions

I. Camping

1. Reservations:

Reservations may only be made in writing. A reservation is urgently recommended for the holiday period in July and August and also for all public holidays. A minimum reservation period of 7 nights also applies in July and August. The minimum reservation period is 3 nights on Corpus Christi and Ascension Day.4 nights apply at Easter and Whitsuntide. The prices and dates stated in the reservation confirmation are binding.

The obligatory provision of parking spaces only applies upon receipt of a reservation charge in the amount of € 125 together with a written counter-confirmation by the Lessor. No refund is made of any advance or part-payment in the event of a contract withdrawal or a premature availability of the rented lot unless the Lessee is able to prove that the Lessor incurred no or only a minimal damage.

2. Arrival

The arrival and departure dates as stated on the reservation confirmation are binding. The arrival is possible after 3 p.m. The gates are closed from 1-3 pm and from 10 pm-7 am.

3. Departure

Your departure must be made before 1 pm. For a 50 % surcharge on the price per night, the relevant departure may be made up to 10 pm unless the parking space has been granted to another guest.

4. Dogs

Dogs have to be kept on their lead on the whole site and are not allowed on the beach and bathing area. Fighting dogs are not permitted.

5. Liability

Each guest is obliged to treat the camping site with due care. Damages caused by a guest, his or her companions or guests have to be duly compensated. The Upper Rhine (Oberrhein) Leisure Center assumes no liability for damages, accidents, losses and any other irregularities arising during the use of the area concerned. All liability is excluded in the event of force majeure, weather, or strikes, etc.

6. Place allocation

The place allocation is binding for all residents. Anyone who grossly fails to comply with the relevant place allocation or rest periods will be immediately dismissed from the place concerned.

7. Visitors

Visitors have to be reported to the reception staff and only the registered number of persons are entitled to use the area concerned.

8. Information

Telephonic information by our employees are non-committal and require a written confirmation therefore.

9. Prices

Rental and ancillary costs are calculated on the basis of the current price list for „Tourist-Camping“. Rental and ancillary costs are due for timely payment at the latest prior to the departure date. Up to the notification of your reservation request, price and performance changes (e.g. as a result of additional energy costs, an increase in mineral oil tax, etc., may be due. Please show your understanding for this possibility.

II. Rented Properties

1. Signing the rental contract

With your registration, you make a binding offer to the Lessor to conclude a rental contract. This can be done in writing, verbally or telephonically. For the Lessor, the contract will only become binding when we have confirmed it in writing. Telephonic notifications, ancillary agreements and other assurances shall only become an integral part of the contract if they have been confirmed by us in writing.

2. Performances

The rental price includes the following performances/services:

• Rental or a rented property, appropriate for a maximum of 5 persons on a location on the Upper Rhine (Oberrhein) Leisure Center

• Camping location charges

• Costs for electricity, warm and cols water, together with gas consumption and waste collection charges

• a parking place for a motor vehicle.


3. Fittings

The rented items correspond with the serial fixtures and fittings of the manufacturer. Bedding and bed clothes do not form part of the serial fixtures and fittings of the rented property.

4. Payment

A down-payment of € 100,00 is payable when the application is made. The balance is due 4 weeks before the journey commences. Short residences of less than € 200,00 and short-term reservations are due for immediate payment in full. If the payment date is exceeded by more than 7 days, the Lessor shall be entitled to an extraordinary termination right. The Lessee shall bear the relevant costs.

5. Withdrawal

Our entitlement to the agreed compensation continues to be valid even if you do not commence your journey with the reasons for the non-appearance being irrelevant. In the event of a withdrawal from the contract, our flat-rate claim to charges shall remain valid (as a percentage of the invoice amount, namely:

• 10 % up to 60 days before the rental commencement

• 40 % from 59 to 30 days before the rental commencement

• 80 % between 29 and 7 days before the rental commencement

• In the event of a later withdrawal or non-appearance, the total rental price must be charged. You are entitled to claim and document that a lower damage has been incurred. We recommend you to conclude a travel withdrawal insurance with any travel agent of your choice (a European travel insurance).

6. Arrival

The rented property is available to you as from 3 p.m. on the arrival date.

7. Departure

The rented property has to be handed over by 10 a.m. on the departure day. Agree a reception date at the Reception Desk sufficiently well in advance.

8. Final Cleaning

The rented property has to be handed over at the end of the rental period in a clean condition. A flat rate cleaning charge of € 20,00 will be levied for rented caravans and mobile homes and € 25,00 for corner bungalows and holiday homes.

9. Place allocation

The Tenant and his co-travellers are required to observe the displayed place allocation. In the event of gross breaches in the aforesaid respect, the Lessor is entitled to an immediate termination of the contract even with no prior warning notice. The Lessee shall then have no entitlement to a pro-rata refund of the rent.

10. Visitors

Only the registered number of persons is allowed to use the rented property. Visitors may only use the property after have reported to the Reception Center.

11. Deposit

A (non-interest-bearing) deposit of € 150,00 is payable in cash by the Renter at the commencement of the rental period.

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